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Tebuject 16 ArborFos Fungisol

Fungisol Fungisol
(containing Debacarb)

USAGE: A proprietary fungicide that has been effective for more than 30 diseases on a large variety of ornamental, conifer, palms and other trees since 1978. In addition to managing foliar and stem diseases, Fungisol has demonstrated activity on soil borne wilt pathogens not effectively controlled with traditional fungicide drenches.

TARGETS: Anthracnose, Atropellis Canker, Bleeding Canker, Botryosphaeria Branch Canker, Cedar Branch Canker, Ceratocystis Canker, Coryneum Blight, Cytospora Canker, Diplodia Tip Blight, Dutch Elm Disease, Elm Wilt, Fusarium Wilt , Kabatina Branch Canker, Leptographium Canker, Melanconium Dieback, Mimosa wilt, Nectria Canker, Oak Decline, Oak Wilt , Penicillium vermoeseni, Phomopis Canker, Pine Pitch Canker, Pink Bud Rot , Thielaviopsis Decline, Vermicularia Dieback, Verticillium Wilt

OTHER RELEVANT INFO: Maugets patented formulation.
  • Patented formulation
  • Broad spectrum
  • University and field tested
  • Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method
  • CAUTION label
PACKAGING: 4mL or 6mL ... 24 Capsules per Carton

Fungisol Technical Sheet Download the Fungisol Technical Sheet
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