featuredOn August 22nd, Ann Hope, Mauget’s Technical Support Person and Sales Representative took an exciting trip to visit our Russian distributor in Moscow.  Over the course of seven amazing and productive days she trained many enthusiastic applicators, educators and arborists in the proper use of Mauget’s microinjection system.

Her travels took her to many beautiful locations to perform Mauget treeinjection applications including Yelagin Island, a stunning and protected nature complex in Yelagin park near St. Petersburg.
Once the home of Russian royalty, its palace and its park , is now a World Cultural Heritage Site, and is protected by UNESCO.
Under the reign of Peter the Great many species of trees were planted including oaks, chestnut, ash, maple and elms.


ptg_2comboIt was here that she was allowed to procure fresh acorns from an Oak tree which legend has it was planted by Peter the Great himself as a gift to the island’s first owner.
Peter the Great, Peter I or Peter Alexeyevich  (June 1672 – February 1725), ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire, from May 1682 until his death, jointly ruling before 1696 with his elder half-brother, Ivan V. Alekseyevich.
ptgacorn50Among other areas visited with Mauget’s Russian distributor were estates that surround Moscow.  Ann treated several trees with various Mauget treeinjection products, providing hands-on demonstrations.estate1

estate2While in Moscow Ann visited some of the well known sites including Red Square, the Kremlin and viewed some of Moscow’s modern high rise buildings (The Golden Keyes pictured below) .
moscow_1comboShown below is her road trip back to Moscow from St. Petersburg.
The trip was such a huge success that Ann has been invited to make a return visit as soon as possible to further pass on her experience and extensive in depth knowledge regarding tree care and the microinjection process.  Mauget is thrilled to have such a wonderful relationship with our Russian distribution and to be protecting trees all over the world!