Mauget’s tree injection fertilizers containing agricultural minerals have been developed specifically for Mauget tree injected micro-injection and micro-infusion treatments. Some of the unique advantages of
Mauget treeinjections include; root system damage, feeder roots not accessible, ground water concerns, leaching/drainage concerns, rapid availability of elements, frost damage protection and recovery, insect and disease damage recovery. 100% of the elements are utilized by the plant resulting in a cost effective fertilization program.


Inject-A-Min Iron/ZincTM

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Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc contains Iron and Zinc sulfates along with Sulfer which are considered quite effective in rapidly overcoming Iron and Zinc deficiencies in many trees and including Pin Oaks.

Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc is a Mauget micro-nutrient formulation containing water-soluble iron and zinc sulfates including Sulfur, together helping to correct conditions of many tree species growing in non-native alkaline soils.

Inject-A-MinĀ® Manganese Liquid LoadableTM

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Mauget’s Inject-A-Min Manganese Hp is the liquid loadable product that can be used in all other injection systems Containing Manganese Sulfate which is considered quite effective in rapidly overcoming Manganese deficiencies in species of trees and plants including Palms, Maples.
It is sold in Liter bottles.