Public Agencies

Mauget, the public’s choice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPublic agencies such as municipalities and other government agencies continue to benefit by utilizing Mauget’s effective, easy to use micro-injection/infusion system to maintain and manage the health and aesthetics of community trees.

The Mauget system has been used successfully by government agencies for over 55 years, providing a much safer alternative to other methods of delivering chemicals to trees.

The J.J. Mauget company has made history by introducing microinjection/infusion technology to the arboricultural industry.

Mauget’s tree-injection system is viewed with greater public acceptance as a result of its targeted, direct approach to chemical application resulting in a reduced chemical exposure to the general public including applicators, pets and wildlife etc.

The Mauget technology is a completely closed system for delivering chemicals into trees.

The application processes involved with spraying, soil drench and other methods of applying chemicals to trees, have led to public safety concerns, including the potential for spray drift or runoff to waterways or in high-traffic areas such as parks or schools. With the Mauget system, these concerns are just about eliminated.

TrainingThe Mauget micro-injection/infusion system is fully enclosed making it safe to use near waterways, parks, schools and all other environmentally sensitive areas.

Because of its controlled pace, the Mauget system allows for greater, more thorough uptake of insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics, fertilizers and micronutrients as compared to most other application methods.

Spray application requires the use of large, expensive and potentially dangerous equipment. Mauget’s micro-Injection/infusion system uses the tree’s own natural circulatory system (vascular/transport system) to encapsulate chemicals within the tree itself.

The Mauget system pre-measured capsules make it easy for applicators to determine the proper chemical dosage rates.

With Mauget’s closed system, chemical uptake is fast, efficient with no residue left over.

CalTransWith the Mauget system, no technical, costly equipment purchases and repairs are needed, however where high pressure injection equipment is specified, Mauget chemistry is available in Liter packaging.

The Mauget system and chemicals have been used, and still are, since 1999 by the United States Department of Agriculture for the Asian Longhorned Beetle quarantine treatment program throughout the U.S.

The United States Dept. of Agriculture has researched Mauget’s Imicide extensively and found it to be the tree-injection material of choice.