Bronze Birch Borer

Agrilus anxius (beetle)
Their Larvae are nearly white with enlarged region just behind the head, tail segment terminates in 2 brown spines. The Adults are deep green-bronze, female about 1/2 in. long, male smaller.

Various birches, paper and yellow preferred are host trees. They are found in the United States Northeast, The Lake States, Northern mid-western States, and the Northwest States

Injury Is caused when the larvae produce feeding galleries which girdle the trees trunk or branches. Additional cambium is damaged. Infested trees are chlorotic with sparse foliage in the upper crown. Twig dieback follows with eventual death of tree.

BronzeBirchBorerPoor site choice, drought, malnutrition, wounding, root impaction are contributing factors.
The Larvae overwinter in the xylem between summer wood and the bark. In the spring immature larvae complete development and pupate. Adult beetles emerge during a 6 week period beginning in late June; eggs are laid in crevices beneath outer layers of bark; attacks preferred at mechanical injuries. Eggs soon hatch and the larvae bore into the cambium to feed, remaining there for 1-2 years.