Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is present in the soil, where it is usually  present as magnesium sulfate. It is very soluble, which leads to deficiencies commonly occurring in wet soils.

Magnesiumas a the key element in the chlorophyll molecule and funtions as a carrier for phosphorus, and is most abundant in those regions of the plant where rapid growth occurs, such as the tips of stems and roots.

Broadleaf symtoms:
Magnesium deficiency vary with plant species and time of symptom development, but chlorosis develops generally or as streaks or bands, and leaf drop is the end result. Late stages may result in marginal or  tip necrosis. Lower leaves may remain a deep green.
Conifers symtoms:
Include moderate chlorosis, mainly in the upper crown. Lower portions of crown and crown tips may remain deep green.