Mauget, a Green Company

Roof180ppiThe J.J. Mauget Company has always been a green company. It has a long history of pioneering tree injection technology with environmentally friendly (now called green) and safe methods of applying chemicals to trees injected directly into the trunk to control the world’s most damaging tree care issues.

To further continue its reputation as a green company, Mauget reduced its carbon foot print years ago by converting its 20,000 square foot manufacturing facilities and office complex in Arcadia, California to environmentally friendly solar powered electricity.

Since its founding more than five decades ago, being environmentally safe and compatibile has long been the philosophy of the J.J. Mauget Company. This is why Mauget invested in a solar energy electrical system that provides the company’s World Headquarters manufacturing facilities and office spaces with its electrical needs.

Mauget, in its 55 years pioneering the tree injection technology industry, has always been the at the forefront. Leading the way in the tree injection technology industry and the way they conduct their business.