Self Study Course (New Manual Available in May, 2019)



Contains a wide variety of useful information including instructions on the proper use of Mauget micro-infusion/tree injection technology, ongoing research, experimental usage, product labels and msds.
The Course includes (4) four compact discs which contain power point presentations covering the following subjects: Micro-injection training, Tools and Techniques, the evolution of the Generation II capsules, Microinjection on palms. Arboricultural Fertilizers and micro-nutrients, Pesticides & microinjection, Taking Integrated Pest Management to a new level.
Also included with the course is instruction and training in the proper use of Inject-a-cide B, Mauget’s restricted use and effective insecticide.

The Mauget SELF STUDY COURSE with Mauget’s Applicators Manual also includes the Mauget CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION needed for Mauget certification.

After completing the certification exam, the applicator will be added/listed into the Mauget Applicators locator  on the Mauget website where customers can easily locate applicators in their area.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 in