ArborFos HpTM

(containing Phosphorous acid 45.8%)

Mauget’s Liquid Loadable ARBORFOS Hp in high volume one liter bottles is for use with most all liquid loadable Tree injection equipment.
ARBORFOS Hp is a phosphite formulated fungicide that inhibits fungal growth through stimulation of the plant’s own natural defense systems. Its mode of action is not completely understood but researchers indicate that it may elicit a type of Systemic Acquired Resistance response. Although it imparts no actual phosphorous nutrition, trees tend to develop healthier leaves, roots and stems. ArborFos Hp is for use on conifers, ornamental, forest and certain crop trees for diseases such as Sudden Oak Death (P. ramorum) and has recently shown excellent results in Sycamore Anthracnose management programs.

Mauget tree injection ArborFos rapidly improves root, stem and leaf growth as it reduces disease pressure.
•    Exciting new chemistry developed by Mauget for most re-loadable tree injection systems.
•    Environmentally friendly
•    University tested
•    CAUTION label

1 liter Bottles