Tebuject™16 HPTM

Tebuject™16 is a Triazole fungicide containing 16% Tebuconazole. It inhibits sterol synthesis necessary for fungal development and provides added control of oak wilt, in addition to other diseases such as elm, ash, maple and sycamore anthracnose. Tebuject™16 is traditionally used best in a preventative disease management program. It can also assist in suppressing some existing infections until trees regain additional vigor.
Other Relevant info:
• Concentrated
• Effective treatment for Oak Wilt
• Effective against anthracnose
• University researched
• Completely enclosed capsules – minimal risk application method
• 1 L bottles for use in other injection systems (ChemJet®, Smartshot®, etc.)
• CAUTION label


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Anthracnose, Crab Apple Scab, Dutch Elm Disease, Hawthorn Leaf Spot, Oak Wilt

Nutrient Deficiencies

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