Protecting Golf Course Trees

Connestee1As the pioneer of micro-injection/infusion tree technology, Mauget has been the trusted source for tree health care with golf course managers since 1958.

Trees are important on golf courses to accentuate the beauty of the design and the framing of the golf holes, fairways and resting spots for golfers.

NROak2Trees influence the game of golf in many ways. They frame the golf course and define the field of play. Trees offer golfers privacy and seclusion from adjoining tees, fairways and greens.

Trees protect golfers, homes, buildings and cars from errant golf shots. Trees also force golfers to choose their strategies for playing a hole.

NoRanch2Golfers celebrate how much better a course feels when attention is paid to the trees and how they create an image and atmosphere that relieves them from their daily cares.

Controlling insects, diseases and nutritional needs of trees can result in a healthier looking golf course that is praised by golfers.

Trees can be discreetly treated with the Mauget microinjected tree injection system with no inconvenience or interruption to golfers. When trees are treated, holes, tees and fairways are never taken out of play.


The grounds staff can quickly and easily learn how to inject trees with the Mauget tree injection system and treat trees at the first sign of a problem. It’s simply easy to learn.

Mauget micro-injection/infusion system is a completely enclosed application method that makes tree care easy, making it safe to use around water and other environmentally sensitive areas.

NROakThe Mauget tree injection system does not require the use of expensive, technical equipment just a portable drill making it cost-effective for Golf Course management.ConnesteeTestomonial