Gauty Gall Wasps

Callirhytis punctata (cynipid wasp)

Adults are Tiny, 4-winged, yellow to brown. While their larvae are white and legless with several per gall.

They are what is refered to as cynipid wasp andf athe Scarlet, red, pin and black oak.

What contributes to them is not well known.

They are located in the Northeastern U.S. extending to southern Georgia; southern Canada.

Identification is several yellowish, irregularly round galls attached to twigs. Several larvae per gall. Can damage twigs in twig gall stage.

They are Tiny parthenogenic wasps emerge from galls in May and June. Eggs are laid on undersides of leaf veins. Eggs hatch and larvae cause tiny galls on veins, appearing as small oblong blisters in late May and June. A generation matures in July with emergence of both male and female wasps. Upon mating, female lays eggs on young twigs. Galls form the following spring. Two years or more are required for young wasps in twigs to mature