Why Mauget Tree-injections

Founder James J. Mauget
Co-Founder Dale Dodds

The J.J. Mauget company is the company that is responsible for the birth of modern tree-injection technology.
Mauget is known as the pioneer of tree-injection micro-injection technology.
Mauget maintains the highest standards in quality control insuring the highest quality products every time in it’s state of the art 20,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility. All Mauget products are made in the U.S.A.


  1. Since 1955, the Mauget micro-injection system is the preferred, time-proven, trunk/tree-injection system developed for trees. There is no need  to purchase expensive, technical equipment to either maintain or repair.
  2. The Mauget tree micro-injection system is a closed chemical application system, meaning that both the applicator and the property owner’s chemical exposure are greatly reduced.
  3. With Mauget’s tree micro-injection/infusion applications, the tree’s natural circulatory process (vascular/transport system) up-takes Mauget’s chemicals in a natural controlled manner compatible with the trees own transport system.  As a result the process allows for proper distribution of materials throughout the tree.
  4. No deep reservoirs are needed to be drilled to hold chemicals into the tree.
  5. No artificial sealing plugs need to be inserted into the injection site to prevent chemicals from leaking from the tree and potentially causing damage.
  6. Mauget tree micro-injections are an environmentally safe and easy method of applying chemicals to solve tree problems.
  7. Mauget maintains the highest standards in quality control insuring the best products manufactured every time in it’s state of the art 2000 sqft facility.
  8. With Mauget’s tree micro-injection system there is no drift or off target chemical exposure to adjacent areas.
  9. The Mauget tree micro-injection system may be used around water sources without the concerns for water contamination concerns.
  10. All Mauget chemicals are systemic, the active ingredient stays inside the tree where it does the most good.
  11. There are no wash-off concerns even if it rains immediately after injection. Mauget tree-injections can even be installed in the rain.
  12. The Mauget system is an efficient, targeted chemical application system. All of the chemical go directly to the intended target. It is not necessary to over apply chemical rates to compensate for off target chemical drift and evaporation.
  13. Mauget’s injection sites are very small and shallow as stated by Dr Alex Shigo.
  14. Mauget micro-injection sites close (compartmentalize) very quickly.
  15. Unlike Mauget’s tree micro-injection system, spray application often requires the use of large, expensive, potentially dangerous equipment to reach the tops of trees. With spray equipment, the potential for spray drift or runoff prevents the safe use near waterways or in high-traffic areas like parks or schools,etc.
  16. Mauget’s  broad product line provides very effective control for a wide range of tree health care problems.
  17. The Mauget tree micro-injection system is an economical and profitable service to provide your customers.
  18. There are many more benefits to use the Mauget micro-injection system than can be listed here.The Mauget tree micro-injection system is very simple and easy to learn.Takes only minutes to apply.