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Landscape Professionals 

Landscape Contractors, Landscape Maintenance Contractors and Lawn Care Operators (LCO’s), can benefit by adding Mauget’s easy-to-use tree-injections system to their every day landscape routine while increasing profits and benefiting their customers.
Mauget tree injection services can be provided in minutes while on the job performing routine maintenance.

No need to purchase, repair or maintain expensive equipmentonly a cordless battery drill. Mauget’s tree micro-injection system works with the trees own natural transport system.
The Mauget’s system is fully enclosed (closed system) and presents low risk compared to other treatment methods. Products can be applied near environmentally sensitive areas where sprays, soil drenches, and other application methods cannot.

Mauget’s easy to learn tree injection system can open a whole new revenue stream while adding another valuable service to your costumers including tree fertilizing, Tree insect control and tree disease management.
Employees are trained quickly with Mauget’s self study coarse, videos or Mauget’s “hands on training” conducted by a Mauget representative.


  1. Expand your service to customers staying ahead of your competition.
  2. Landscapers (LCO’s), can provide Mauget micro-injection tree services while on the property providing other routine landscape services.
  3. Eliminate the need to subcontract this profitable easy service to others.
  4. Takes only minutes to apply while on the job.
  5. Safe use of chemicals that are delivered directly into a trees transport system with season long plus control.
  6. No need to purchase in expensive injection equipment, repairs or maintenance.
  7. A targeted, efficient use of tree chemicals with a lack of chemical exposure to applicators, pets, wildlife, humans, etc. No chemical drift to adjacent areas or ground water contamination..
  8. Passive, low pressure system that works with a trees natural system.
  9. Over 55 years as the leader and pioneer in tree-injection systems and products. Mauget has the longest history of university and government research of any injection systems.
  10. Availability of print materials to promote Mauget micro-injection service to your customers.
  11. A broad product line that includes insecticides, fungicides, antibiotic, fertilizers and micro-nutrients.
  12. The Mauget website includes a problem identifier with solutions, a distributor locator and many other helpful features including free telephone technical support. Landscape Professionals can also find additional information on our Mauget Landscapers web site at:

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