Vigor 53TM

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Vigor 53 is a Potassium-buffered Mauget tree injection Phosphorous Acid material, providing additional potassium nutrition in addition to phosphite technology. Vigor 53 works well in a total PHC program that emphasizes natural plant health defense systems. The additional potassium aids in leaf thickening, better stem and root development, and stimulated frost or cold damage recovery. University research has extensively demonstrated the ability of potassium to aid in the recovery of leaf and stem diseases as well as other stress agents involved in drought avoidance.

Symptoms are usually displayed by leaves having darker green veins with a yellowing or loss of color between veins. Young leaves are generally affected primarily.
•    Promotes growth.
•    Based on sulfated elements.
•    High levels of iron and zinc.
•    Long lasting effect.
•    Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method.

7.5m … 24 Capsules per Carton

Nutrient Deficiencies

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Phosphorus Deficiency, Potassium Deficiency