Liquid Loadable Products


Mauget’s tree injection chemistry is also available in liquid loadable HP bottles for use with most micro-injection systems.  With the expansion of micro-injection and micro-infusion technologies, which Mauget pioneered, demand for more application methods has resulted in the development of a variety of devices that are offered by various manufacturers.

For over 60 years Mauget’s tree injection chemistry has been developed specifically for micro-injection tree care.  Mauget’s chemistry has been in high demand even when applying with other injection devices, not just Mauget tree injection capsules.  Their chemistry is proven to work well with most tree injection systems and is available in concentrated “ready-to-use” bottles.  This means no field mixing, just load it into your preferred device following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Mauget’s liquid loadable HP products are one-liter bottles of Mauget’s industry-leading insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and micro-nutrients.  Mauget offers the same chemistry you have come to depend on in two different 1-liter bottle types – Mauget’s standard flat bottom bottle for use with ChemJet or Smart Shot or a round bottom bottle compatible with other micro-injection devices. 


Products currently available in Liquid Loadable HP bottles:

Abacide 2®, Arborfos®, Dinocide®, Imicide®, Inject-a-min Manganese®, Mycoject Ultra®, Stemix Plus® and Tebuject 16®.