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mauget house   The Importance of your property’s trees:
Maintaining your property requires many categories and areas of property maintenance. Trees have an important role to play in any property.

Healthy trees enhance property values, increase the beauty and personal pleasure, benefit the environment and provide energy-saving shade in the summer and wind protection.

Mauget Micro-Injection Tree Technology has been aiding in tree health care for over 55 years.

Safe and effective:
The Mauget treeinjection is a fully enclosed (a true closed system)making it an environmentally safe efficient, targeted chemical application system friendly to people, animals and water systems. An environmentally friendly way to deliver helpful chemicals to trees.
Mauget’s systemic chemicals provide longer controls than chemicals applied to tree foliage and in most cases provide year plus long control.

trainingMauget professionals:
The Mauget Company is responsible for the “Birth of Modern Tree Injection Technology” including the first to certify tree care professionals in the proper use of micro-injections tree technology through it’s Mauget certification program over 6 decades ago.

Mauget certification was established to assure customers that they are receiving the best and latest in tree health care science.

Mauget’s licensed certified applicators can be found using our Find an Applicator feature.

Mauget’s effective tree health care products include insecticides for insect treatments, fungicides for disease treatment, antibiotic treatment and fertilizers for maintaining proper tree nutrition.

Mauget’s continued history of success over 6 decades speaks for itself. It makes it the first and best choice in micro tree injection health care products.
Ask your professional for Mauget products developed and formulated for trees.

Cost Effective:
A property owner will be surprised at how inexpensive it can be to maintain their trees appearance and health compared with tree replacement or removal.

Mauget is the tree care professionals’ choice for safe, fast and effective tree care health for over 6 decades.

For the very best in safe and effective tree care tree injection solutions, look to Mauget as millions have for over 6 decades.