Resort Managment



  • Resort  Trees are held to the highest  standards of grounds care.
  • Resort Trees are more valuable because paradise demands perfection.
  • Image is paramount.
  • Success of a resort depends on the image guests have of your facility.

Protect the health and aesthetics of the trees on your resort with the Mauget micro-injection/infusion system.

Mauget Tree Micro-Injection treatments enable resort superintendents to meet the pest control and nutrition needs of trees individually so they can look their best at all times. Most importantly, the Mauget system accomplishes this with zero inconvenience or exposure to guests, and without threat to the environment quickly and efficiently. Your guests will be able to enjoy recreation and leisure without disruption or discomfort.

This highly targeted, scientific method of tree care can be taught very quickly. Your grounds staff will be able to treat one or more trees at first sign of symptoms and counteract threatening problems in minutes.

The Mauget micro-injection/infusion system is a closed system, making it safe to use around water and other environmentally sensitive areas.

The Mauget system does not require the use of expensive, technical equipment. Usually only a portable drill.

The grounds staff can quickly learn how to inject trees with the Mauget system and treat trees at the first sign of a problem with fast results.