Mauget’s Mycoject Ultra in Late Fall

fireblight_new280An Early Fall thru Late Fall injection application of Mauget’s Mycoject Ultra will be in the tree the following Spring at the earliest stages disease development.
Mauget’s Mycoject Ultra Antibiotic will be in the tree exactly when needed to suppress and fight against bacterial infections such as:  Fire Blight, Ash Yellows, Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Phloem Necrosis, Lethal Yellows.fireblightTrees affected include  Pear, Ash, Elm, Liquidamber (Sweet Gum), Oak, Palm, Oleander and Sycamore.

In severe cases of infections or very favorable weather conditions further into the growing season, an additional Mauget injection treatment may be helpful.

Spring is a time of year during which most tree care professionals are very busy.
Early thru late Fall injections may be performed during a longer period of time (over several months in some cases) when applicators are usually not as busy.

Refer to the Mauget label and literature for additional specifications.