Smart Shot™ Tree Injector 3 Pack of 3-6 ml Units




This innovative liquid loadable system is the perfect compliment to Mauget’s time proven chemistry, allowing applicators yet another choice of which delivery method will work best for their particular situation and needs.

The Smart Shot™ incorporates a low pressure approach to best utilize the tree’s transport system while minimizing permanent injury caused by high pressure systems.

The SmartShot™ eliminates the need for those expensive plugs and ports that keep material in the tree and also leave a permanent marker indicating the tree was injected. Individual repair kits and shorter tips will be available separately as well.

Available products in Mauget’s liquid loadable line are Imicide HP®, Abacide 2®, ArborFos HP®, Stemix Plus®, Inject-A-Min Manganese®, and Mycoject Ultra®.

The Smart Shot™ units are sold in units of 3 and Cases of 24 (8 Packs of 3) .

A 3-6 ml and 5-10 ml unit is also offered.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 19 × 3 in