Tree Injection


The J.J. Mauget company is responsible for the birth of modern tree-injection technology. Mauget is known as the pioneer of tree-injection micro-injection technology. Mauget maintains the highest standards in quality control ensuring the highest quality products every time in its state-of-the-art 2000 sq. ft manufacturing facility.

A Mauget tree injections capsule is simple and easy to apply. No need to purchase expensive, complex tree-injection equipment requiring costly repairs and maintenance. Mauget tree injection products have been developed strictly for trees with no need for any kind of “Bark Plugs”. A cordless, electric drill is all that’s needed. Mauget is ”The Right Way To Treat A Tree.”

Mauget’s tree injections are a fully enclosed (closed system) and present low risk compared to other tree injection methods. Products can be applied near environmentally sensitive areas where sprays, soil drenches, and other application methods cannot.

Mauget’s easy-to-learn tree injection system can open a whole new revenue stream while adding another valuable service to your customers including tree fertilizing, Tree insect control, and tree disease management.
Employees are trained quickly with Mauget’s self-study course, videos, or Mauget’s “hands-on training” conducted by a Mauget representative in the proper use of tree injections.

Mauget’s tree-injection terms have included:
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